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#standwithppWORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) stands with Planned Parenthood. We recognize the important role that these clinics play in making vital health care accessible to those who need it. In a number of areas, they are one of the few places that women can receive abortions, trans people can receive inclusive care, and all people have access to cancer screenings and HIV/STI treatment. The importance of this resource is recognized by poor and working people across the country.

It is not something new for the right-wing to whip up “pro-life” hysteria and aggression to attack Planned Parenthood. Intimidation and violence against clinics, staff and patients are an all too frequent occurrence. The summer release of the highly manipulated and dishonest “undercover” video has reinvigorated the violent attacks against clinics. Several clinics were attacked by arsonists, building sites were vandalized and, as is well known, the Colorado Springs clinic was attacked by a terrorist who killed three people.

In the face of these attacks and the ongoing effort to legislate away women’s right to abortion access, it is imperative that women and men stand up to show their support right now. Right-wing bigots are using fear-mongering tactics to take away women’s right to choose and the right to affordable healthcare. The rightwing seeks to blame the most vulnerable poor population to hide the reality that they would rather take the money for themselves than provide poor women and men with healthcare and resources. Women won the right to choose with a unified mass movement of women and men in the streets. WORD stands in solidarity with Planned Parenthood and seeks to build a mass movement to defend our rights. Join our campaign and submit a picture of why you defend Planned Parenthood at [email protected].

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#standwithpp #standwithpp #standwithpp
#standwithpp #standwithpp #standwithpp