What's next in the struggle to defend women's rights?

WORD protest outside the final presidential debate in Boca Raton, FL

Dear friends,

WORD organizers have been working tirelessly to continue building the grassroots movement to defend women's rights. We concluded our October 16-22 National Week of Action with a lively protest outside the final presidential debate in Boca Raton, Florida on October 22. 

Election season is almost over, but our work is far from done. The last six months have seen attacks on women's rights reach new heights as politicians scramble desperately for votes - especially women's votes.

The term "gender gap" has become a popular new media buzzword used to reference the difference in support among women between the Republican and Democratic parties. The role of our votes in the presidential election has become the subject of a media frenzy.

Meanwhile, the words "equal pay" are heard much less often. Women's continuing struggle for equality in the workplace is not acknowledged. The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act is presented as a solution, when in reality it extends only the rights of women who can pursue a lawsuit against their employers. Wisconsin's 2009 Equal Pay Enforcement Act was repealed by Scott Walker in April of this year. The real "gender gap" persists.

Devastating austerity measures are being touted as the solution to the financial crisis caused not by the women and children who suffer most from cuts to public and social services, but by criminal executives who remain unpunished.

President Obama even acknowledged in the first presidential debate that he and Romney share a "similar" position on Social Security, citing Ronald Reagan as inspiration. Is it any surprise that voters were disappointed by the debate?

At the local, state and national level, women are facing budget cuts, discriminatory laws and attacks by political candidates. The need to organize and defend our rights becomes clearer with every outrageous comment and every attempt to strip us of our existing rights. 

Please take a look at the resources we’ve developed and help spread the word by discussing and sharing these items with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media:

Join the Facebook event for a Nov. 10 forum near you!

Post-election forums, Saturday, November 10:

Once the elections are over, what’s next in the struggle to defend women’s rights? Join us for an important discussion of the way forward following the elections.

WORD San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles will hold public forums on Saturday, November 10. Please join us and be part of this important discussion.

Like and share the graphic: No on Amendment 6 in Florida!

NO on Florida Amendment 6
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We say NO to Amendment 6.

Women in Florida are facing a serious threat in Amendment 6. Please "like" and share the graphic developed by WORD to urge Florida voters to vote NO on Amendment 6.

The proposed amendment to Florida's state constitution is an attack on women and women’s rights. It is an attempt to strip women in Florida of the rights they are currently guaranteed by their state constitution.

Amendment 6 would codify anti-woman discrimination into the Florida state constitution. If this language is added, it would be extremely difficult to remove.

Eliminating the right to privacy in Florida might lead to parental notification laws which could place young women in danger, as well as requiring doctors to provide medically inaccurate information to their patients. Invasive, medically unnecessary ultrasounds might be required by law. Some forms of contraception might also be banned.

Read and share WORD statements:

End attacks on women: Troops out of Okinawa!

The rape of a woman in Okinawa by two U.S. sailors has inspired renewed protests on the island, demanding an end to the violence against women by the U.S. military and the removal of the U.S. military.


We stand with the people of Okinawa in demanding an end to the attacks on women on Okinawa, for full accountability for U.S. servicemen and for closure of all bases now!

WORD condemns Richard Mourdock’s attack on victims of rape

In response to yet another attack on women’s rights in the electoral arena, WORD issued a statement in response to Richard Mourdock’s vile attack on victims of rape and incest.

In a recent debate Mourdock stated, "I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen." WORD condemns Richard Mourdock’s vile attack on victims of rape and incest and denounces all attempts to deprive women of equal rights.


Women are organizing nationwide to resist attacks on our rights, defend our previous gains and fight for full equality. Thank you for being part of this new movement.

In solidarity,


Danielle Norwood, for all of us at WORD

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