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Todd Akin appears on KTVI-TV

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I demand the immediate resignation of Congressman Todd Akin who went on national television to defame victims of rape and all women when he said that pregnancy is "really, really" rare in cases of "legitimate rape." Akin wants to destroy abortion rights for all women, including rape victims. His implication is clear: pregnant rape victims weren't really raped. What an outrageous lie! Akin and the other right wing political bigots are carrying out a war against women and women's rights by by perpetuating the most vile and sexist stereotypes. Akin must go!



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Demand Todd Akin's resignation!

As Congressman Akin announced today that he will stay in the Senate race, thousands of people across the country have joined in a campaign to demand his resignation, calling him unfit to hold public office.

Fill out the form to the right to sign the petition.

Representative Akin, who has asserted that women who get pregnant from rape weren’t really raped – and thus should not be allowed abortion rights -- is standing by his grotesque and misogynist statement.

Today the Washington Post likened his position to a “crusade.” Akin said, “We believe taking this stand is going to strengthen our country… What we’re doing here is standing on a principle of what America is.”

Your voice is urgently needed to send a clear and powerful message to Akin and all those who are waging a vicious war on women – he must resign. Fill out the form to the right to sign the petition. His disgusting diatribe is not aberrational but rather part of the right wing’s full-court press to ban abortion rights altogether. These rights were won because millions of women were in the streets in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Today, we are building a new fightback movement to defend and expand our rights!

This Sunday, Aug. 26, we will match our words with action. Women and our allies will take to the streets across the country to counter the anti-women offensive led by extreme-right forces such as Akin. Volunteers are working tirelessly to build demonstrations in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities.

Please make an urgently needed donation now to help us produce literature, posters and leaflets, cover the cost of banners and sound equipment, and pay for travel costs for low-income students and activists.

Join us in the streets on Aug. 26!

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