THIS SATURDAY, October 20: LA Rally to Defend Women's Rights

As election season is heating up across the United States and all eyes are on the presidential candidates, women and women's rights are being noticeably excluded from the conversation.

WORD is organizing a nationwide Week of Action to Defend Women's Rights October 16-22. During the nationwide Week of Action, WORD organizers and supporters will be protesting outside the debates in Hempstead, NY and Boca Raton, FL. Women and our allies in cities across the United States will take to the streets to defend women's rights in locally coordinated actions nationwide.

This Saturday, October 20, WORD-LA will hold a rally at Wilshire & Western at 1pm in Los Angeles. Join us to demand full reproductive rights, access to healthcare, childcare and maternity leave, an end to budget cuts, equal pay and more!

Please wear purple or your WORD shirt!

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