This Sunday, Aug. 26: SF March and Rally - Stop the attacks on women's rights!

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Why I'm Marching on Aug. 26

Join us in the streets this Sunday, Aug. 26 – Women's Equality Day – to fight back against the wave of right-wing attacks on women's rights! In San Francisco, we will gather at 24th and Mission Streets at 12 noon for a march and rally.

It has been 39 years since the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision that declared access to abortion to be a fundamental right. It was a victory for the women’s movement that gave women the most fundamental of rights – control over our own bodies.

Republican candidates in this year’s primary campaign competed to see who could spout the most anti-woman rhetoric, even opposing exemptions to abortion restrictions in the case of rape or incest – in fact, very much along the line of the repulsive remarks of Rep. Todd Akin earlier this week. Democrats, for their part, have offered no fight back alternative, instead compromising time after time.

Women's rights are not up for debate. We will not let our lives be decided in the halls of Congress or state legislatures. Join us this Sunday, Aug. 26, in the streets of San Francisco. It's time to fight back!

GET INVOLVED! A work session in preparation for the Aug. 26 demonstration is taking place today (Saturday) at 2969 Mission St. (between 25th and 26th Streets near 24th St. BART). Drop by to lend a hand and meet other organizers and volunteers. Help make this day of action a success!

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