Stop Israel's War on Gaza!

More than 20 children have been killed in the recent attacks.

With the approval of the Obama administration, Israel has launched a renewed assault against the Palestinian people in Gaza.  At least one hundred people have already been killed in the recent attacks, and events are still escalating.

Biased media reports demonize the oppressed people of Palestine even as they are under attack. The Israeli assault has been described as a valid response to “hundreds of rockets” issuing from the Gaza strip. There is no mention of Israel's near complete blockade of the Gaza strip for years, or of constant restrictions and attacks on the Palestinian people.

The U.S. government gives Israel billions of tax dollars every year to carry out war and occupation against the Palestinian people.  During the latest attacks, the Pentagon called Israel its “partner.” During the most recent election cycle, both President Obama and Mitt Romney took great pains to be seen as supporting Israel. This is not because the Democrats and Republicans care deeply about any particular group of people but because the state of Israel's attacks on the Palestinian people and threats against other countries in the region are in line with U.S. imperialism's interest in dominating the region.

While both Republicans and Democrats support the ongoing occupation and terror, those who oppose war and racism stand firmly in support of the oppressed Palestinian people.

WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) condemns Israel’s attacks on the Palestinian people and demands an end to U.S. support for this aggression. We stand against imperialism and aggression throughout the world and call for an end to the U.S.-backed Israeli war on the Palestinian people.

We believe that the issue of war is an issue of women's rights too.  As women, children and their families suffer the indignations of occupation, as they are killed and maimed by weaponry paid for by U.S. tax dollars, we call on everyone to join in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The ANSWER Coalition has called for nationwide demonstrations against the attacks. WORD supporters are joining in and urge you to do so as well: