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Attacks on women's rights continue at astounding levels, but women are organizing and fight back. Thousands took to the streets in celebration of International Women's Day March 7-10 to demand an end to violence against women. From Arkansas to North Dakota and across the country, women are fighting back against outrageous attacks on reproductive rights. Within hours, hundreds of people sent letters to the governor of North Dakota urging him not to sign anti-woman bills in that state. In Steubenville, Ohio and all over the world, women are rising up in solidarity with victims of sexual violence and making it clear that the status quo must go!

Catch up on the latest news and events from WORD below: there's plenty to read, share and do! Stay involved in building the struggle to defend our rights and stop violence against women everywhere.


Los Angeles IWD march 2013

International Women's Day 2013 Demonstrations

In celebration of International Women’s Day, women and allies across the United States took the streets March 7-10 to say, “Stop Violence Against Women Everywhere!” Read reports and see photos from WORD demonstrations across the United States, and check out a slideshow featuring photos from locally coordinated actions nationwide.

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We won't go back - we will fight back!

Groups try to sway Dalrymple on abortion bills

Grand Forks Herald
March 18, 2013

“We wanted to let women in North Dakota know that women across the country are paying attention....We’re here in solidarity and we’ll do whatever we can to help.”

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International Women's Day 2013, Sacramento

Viewpoints: Getting young activists in touch with feminist movement of past

Sacramento Bee
March 19, 2013

What I wasn't prepared for was how eager they seemed to learn from me, as an older activist – and how much they had to teach me in return.

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No Sympathy for the Steubenville Rapists!

No Sympathy for the Steubenville Rapists!

After two of the Steubenville rapists were convicted, media outlets expressed sympathy for the rapists, repeatedly mentioning their "promising futures" while ignoring the crime and the victim entirely. WORD is circulating this graphic in solidarity with Jane Doe and all survivors of sexual violence. 

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Video: Jeralynn Blueford

Video: "The time is now."

Please watch and share this powerful talk by Jeralynn Blueford, mother of police murder victim Alan Blueford. She describes her role in the anti-police brutality movement and reminds us that police violence is violence against women.

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Send a letter to North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple now!

WORD is calling on women all over the United States to send an urgent letter to North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple demanding he refuse to sign House Bill 1456, the latest and by far the most extreme in a series of attacks on our right to abortion.

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