No more political games with our lives: Demand politicians sign the Women's Rights Pledge

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Join the Oct. 16-22
National Week of Action!

As the candidates debate domestic and foreign policy for an audience of millions, we will demand full abortion rights, end budget cuts, affordable healthcare, childcare and maternity leave, equal pay, and more.
NEW VIDEO: August 26 March for Women's Rights in LA!
Video: August 26 march in Los Angeles

Can you join thousands of others and send a quick email letter to members of Congress demanding that they sign the Women’s Rights Pledge?

It only takes a minute, and we want every member of Congress to feel the heat.

The Women’s Rights Pledge is directed to all politicians, regardless of political affiliation, and it's very simple. The Pledge reads: 

"I pledge to never vote for any legislation that limits or restricts women's right to abortion or attempts to circumvent women's full access to healthcare."

All over the country, politicians are running for office and asking women to vote for them.

They want women to support them at the voting booth, but the first question is whether they will support women and women’s rights - including the right to abortion - and women’s access to health care services.

We have included a sample letter, but feel free to edit it with your own words or send your own original letter. Send the letter right now!

You can also download a printable version of the pledge to personally deliver to politicians in your area.

Defend Women’s Rights,

Danielle Norwood, for all of us at WORD

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