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Rise up! We hold the power to bring an end to sexual violence.There will be demonstrations, protests, speak-outs and forums throughout the United States March 7-10 to say: Stop Violence Against Women Everywhere -- The Status Quo Must Go!

Please take three minutes to watch and share our new video about the International Women's Day demonstrations to stop violence against women.

Help WORD build International Women's Day protests, rallies, speak-outs and forums in New York City, New Paltz, New Haven, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Chicago, Syracuse, Albuquerque, Washington, DC and other cities across the United States. Please watch this important video and share it widely.

International Women's Day is just a week away! Now is the time to get involved: endorse the call to action, list an event in your city, and make a generous donation to support our work.

Read the call to action and see a list of demonstrations across the United States. Join a demonstration near you and download flyers to help us spread the word!

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All of us at Women Organized to Resist and Defend (WORD)

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