Mother For Hire

The New Yorker just published an extensive article on the vital work that Damayan does. Please read and share!

emma.jpgDamayan member and Damayan Cleaning Cooperative founding member Emma’s story sheds light on the lives of thousands of Filipina domestic workers who are forced to migrate to ensure their families’ economic survival. With massive unemployment and poverty in the Philippines, she migrated not only because she was poor but because the system keeps her poor.

Damayan believes that Emma and other Filipino migrant workers are in the best position to find solutions to their problems. Damayan offers services, educates, organizes, and mobilizes low-wage Filipino migrant workers in NY and NJ. We provide the immediate needs for migrant workers for fighting stolen wages, labor trafficking and modern day slavery, accessing health care, providing skills training and political education, and training them to become leaders in the organization.

Check out the article and share with your contacts so that more people can understand the organizing work that Damayan does. Working together, we can make the hardships of migrant workers like Emma a thing of the past!

Read full article here