July 21 in Anaheim: Statewide March Against Police Brutality

Hear from Jeralynn Blueford about her son Alan's murder
by police and why we must unite - "The time is now."

July 21, 1pm
Gather at Anaheim City Hall
200 South Anaheim Blvd
Join the Facebook event

On July 21, the one-year anniversary of the murder of Manuel Diaz by Anaheim police, families of police brutality victims are calling on people all over California to unite for a mass march. Join the WORD contingent to demand an end to the war on our children and our communities.

One year after the Anaheim uprising and a week after the racist acquittal of murderer George Zimmerman, women from all over California will march to demand justice for all victims of police violence. Police violence is violence against women and our families!

The time is now. We know that our strength lies in our unity and this the only way to fight back and effect change. Every right we hold as women, we won by fighting together. Now is the time to stand together - women of all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and cultures - to defend the lives of Black children and all children who live in a system that tells them some lives are more valuable than others.

Get on the bus!
Buy your ticket here and carpool from Sacramento or get on the bus in Oakland or Los Angeles.

Sat, July 20, 7:30pm:
Meet at Southside Park in downtown Sacramento (corners of 6th and U Street) to set up carpools. Leave for Oakland at 8:00pm.

Sat, July 20, 10:00pm:
Arrive in Oakland, eat collectively and then board the bus.

Sat. July 20th, Midnight:
Bus leaves from Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland, corner of 14th and Broadway Sts.

Sun. July 21st, 7am-10am:
Bus arrives to ANSWER LA office for welcoming event and breakfast. Bus leaves at 10am to Anaheim to participate in the 1pm march.

Sun. July 21st, 5pm:
Bus leaves from the end of the march location to Oakland.

Sun. July 21st, midnight:
Bus arrives to Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland, corner of 14th and
Broadway Sts.

Buy your tickets or donate a ticket to help others get on the bus!