Housing and Education are Women's Rights too!

WORD at Allan Blueford's action
Rally to End Police Brutality and Racial Profiling

Over the last two weeks, WORD joined in local Bay Area struggles against police brutality, cuts at City College of San Francisco, foreclosures and the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

In the last year the attacks on reproductive rights have reached a new high. WORD spoke out against these attacks in actions in August and October.

But attacks on women's rights aren't limited to the attacks on reproductive rights.

Since we organized this new grassroots group in summer, we have worked to make the connections between the budget cuts, inequality, racism, sexism, war, occupation and more with the struggle to defend women's rights.

  • WORD says "No to Police brutality and racial profiling!"
    On November 10, 300 community members, activists and family from around the Bay Area rallied to End Police Brutality and Racial Profiling at 14th and Broadway in Oakland...
  • WORD says, "Defend CCSF!"
    5 days later, WORD activists joined 200 City College of San Francisco (CCSF) students, professors and supporters to defend CCSF’s diversity departments from the Board of Trustee’s ax...
  • WORD says, "End foreclosures and evictions NOW!"
    On Nov.17, WORD joined Occupy the Auctions as activists took over the store front of Wells Fargo in the Castro district, filling its store front with homemade soup, pizza, pasta, bread and tofu...
  • WORD says, "End the occupation! End the attacks on Gaza!"
     On Nov. 19, WORD joined with Palestinians, community members and many other organizations to stand with the people of Gaza against the latest round of war crimes by Israel...

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WORD Solidarity with Gaza Action
March in Solidarity with Gaza

WORD says, "Join the struggle for women's rights!"

WORD is a new grassroots organization that is dedicated to building a movement to defend women's rights across this country.

As the right wing continues to carry out attack after attack on reproductive rights, on women's rights to health care and education and housing and more, we think now is the time to build a movement that can reach out to every person who wants to stop the attacks on women's rights.

You too can be part of this important and necessary effort. Join with WORD by making a donation today, or call our SF office at 415 375 9502 or email [email protected] to find out when our next actions are and get involved in the struggle today! 

Latest Statements:

Defending access to abortion is pro-life- The life of a child is precious. The life of a woman is equally precious. The quality of life for both are stifled by politicians who continually gut public health programs, education, and access to safe, affordable housing.

Stop Israel's War on Gaza!- WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) condemns Israel’s attacks on the Palestinian people and demands an end to U.S. support for this aggression.