The Struggle for Women's Rights: from Roe v Wade to Today!

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The 40th anniversary of the historic Roe v Wade decision was Jan. 22, 2013. Join WORD for a forum highlighting the struggle that won Roe v Wade.

But the struggle for women's rights is far from won. Reproductive rights are under attack. Violence against women is widespread and persistent. Poverty, cuts to education services and police brutality are issues of women's rights too!

Hear reports from women in the struggle against police brutality, cuts to education and social services and the struggle for equal rights in the workplace.

The exciting program will include presentations from:

  • Jeralynn Blueford, the mother of Alan Blueford who was murdered by the OPD and organizer with Justice for Alan Blueford Coalition
  • Alysabeth Alexander, SEUI Local 1021 political action chair
  • Gloria La Riva, Typograhpical Sector president, CWA Local 39521
  • Mallory Fites, youth/student organizer, WORD Sacramento

Join us for a discussion of different struggles we as women are engaged in and how we can build a movement for full equality for all women.

Get involved with WORD [Women Organized to Resist and Defend!] Call 415 375 9502 or email [email protected]

Call to Action: Stop Violence Against Women Everywhere!
The Status Quo Must Go!

Join or organize a protest in your area: March 8-9 / Women's Spring!

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