Celebrate the victories, continue the struggle

We salute and congratulate the LGBT community for overturning DOMA and winning same-sex marriage in California! The Supreme Court decisions this week were a direct result of the tireless struggle and organization against oppression carried out by tens of thousands of people. The mass movement demanding full equality has been the decisive factor in changing popular attitudes toward LGBT equality and winning marriage equality victories in numerous states and the Supreme Court.

On the anniversary of the Stonewall rebellion, Women Organized to Resist and Defend (WORD) stands in solidarity with the LGBT movement to fight for equal and affordable housing, the right for LGBT people to marry and the stop to violent attacks against the LGBT people in our communities.

Pride marches have happened around the country this month to celebrate our  victories and continue the  struggle for equal rights. PRIDE month is a commemoration of the historic Stonewall rebellion of 1969 that initiated a militant movement to resist the intense state repression that targeted the LGBT community. From Stonewall to the current struggle for full equality, the LGBT community has built a rich history of militant struggle.

In the movement for equality, all women must defend their sisters who are discriminated and alienated against because of their sexual orientation. The oppression of LGBT people has a long history that is rooted in patriarchy, the very same system that oppresses women.   We stand together with LGBT people and all women for economic equality, access to education and healthcare, and an end to sexist, bigoted violence.

WORD has joined  in marches and parades for LGBT equality. This weekend, we will join in the celebrations of the Supreme Court decisions as we will continue to stand with our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community in the struggle for full equality.