All out for Women's Equality Day! March in Hollywood this Sunday, 1 pm @ Hollywood & Vine

2012 Women's Equality Day march in LA

On August 23-26, WORD is calling for nationwide demonstrations in honor of Women's Equality Day to stop the right-wing attacks targeting women’s rights and the rights of all oppressed people.

Here in Los Angeles, we will gather at Hollywood and Vine at 1 pm on Sunday, August 25 for a march and rally.

In light of recent attacks on abortion rights, voting rights, workplace protections, and the lives of Black and Brown youth, we are calling for united demonstrations to fight back against what we believe is a coordinated right-wing attack. The right-wing forces who have historically held power in this country hope to turn back the clock as the only way to maintain their power in the face of a changing nation. They seek to undo the gains won by the Civil Rights movement, the movement for women’s rights and every progressive movement that has changed the history of this country for the better. 

We must stay in the streets to defend the gains of our movements and to push for greater rights, for greater equality for all. Join us on August 25 to say: “We won’t go back! We will fight back!”

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Join us for a final volunteer meeting at noon on Saturday, August 24. We will meet at 135 E 3rd Street, Los Angeles, to make final preparations for the march in Hollywood on Sunday.

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